Biodiversity Management

With many ecologists in our team we have a natural affinity for biodiversity related issues.

Whether it is: creating species lists for locations; establishing species distributions; considering temporal patterns in populations or behaviour; tracking the influences of natural, industrial or climate related pressures; or considering how best to enhance the prospects for biodiversity Aquatera team specialists will bring their collective expertise to bare to establish robust outcomes and solutions. 

Biodiversity management examples

  • Hobbister peat cutting management, Orkney
  • Forth barrier sand extraction and sand dune management scheme, Orkney
  • Finstown quarry slope management and revegetation, Orkney
  • ECOW supervision during Sandy wind farm construction, Orkney
  • Biofouling studies for marine energy technologies, Orkney and Maderia
  • Horse mussel bed surveying and management strategy during cable lay operations, Noss Head Scotland
  • Fish behaviour around offshore oil platforms, North sea
  • Marine environmental surveying standards for BP, North Sea
  • Prorva dredge channel habitat management plan, NE Caspian
  • Biodiversity considerations in all EIA’s globally