Ports & Shipping

Aquatera has been engaged in port infrastructure development work for over 20 years. Initially working to support the Oil and Gas sector in achieving best possible environmental outcomes through the development process, we have made the transition to supporting Ports and Harbour developments preparing to service offshore wind and marine energy sectors.

Our work has included locational assessment, environmental impact assessment and survey based studies and advisory services. We have also supported community based port and harbour works including socio-economic appraisal and community engagement exercises. Our sister company Orcades Marine Management also provide specialist marine logistics and navigational risk assessment and planning services, complementing Aquatera’s core environmental and strategic planning expertise.

Key projects that we have had involvement include:

  • Offshore oil loading operations (North Sea)
  • Lyness Container Port (Orkney)
  • St Margarets Hope Pier Extension (Orkney)
  • Shetland Marinas Socio-Economic Assessment (Crown Estate)
  • River Plate STS
  • Forth of Forth STS
  • Scapa Flow STS
  • Scapa Flow Floating Container Port
  • Copelands Dock
  • Aytrau (NE Caspian)
  • Prorva (NE Caspian)
  • Scapa Flow Mega Hub
  • Oman port operations plan (OMMC)