As part of our commitment to decarbonising the energy supply, Aquatera has supported the development of green hydrogen as a fuel source, as a member of the Scottish Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association and through individual projects testing use of the technology.

Since onshore wind is the most widely developed technology in the UK, this has been a key focus of our work, but we have also undertaken other onshore renewable and wider sustainable energy projects here and around the globe.

In other parts of the world solar, geothermal and hydrogen energy are being rolled out in regions with differing energy resources and types of energy infrastructure. We have been able to bring our expertise to support some of these projects, notably in Chile.

As part of our support for the development of green hydrogen fuel, we undertook an innovative project which looked at using surplus electrical power generated by a community turbine to produce green hydrogen to power a small ferry.

Our team in Chile has particular experience and expertise in relation to solar energy and community energy initiatives.  This has included the design, installation and operation of low cost renewable energy solutions in disadvantaged communities.


In addition to our portfolio of Onshore Services, we have particular expertise in:

  • Resource estimation
  • Public engagement and information initiatives
  • Community investment and ownership studies
  • Mapping renewable options and combinations to support sustainable communities
  • Investigating off-grid solutions
  • Community and economic development opportunities associated with different renewables