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Modelling of Zones of Theoretical Visibility for a Proposed Wind Turbine

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Client: Local landowner
Date: 2007
Location: Scotland (UK)

Aquatera carried out this study for a local landowner in Orkney. It was an assessment of the visual impact of a proposed new wind turbine on Burgar Hill, both as a single entity and also cumulatively with other existing and proposed wind turbines.

Zones of theoretical visibility (ZTVs) were presented for the proposed turbine, existing turbines at Burgar Hill and other proposed turbine developments in the vicinity. Next the landscape character within the ZTV was considered, along with the visual experience in various directions and at varying distances from the turbines.

Following this, the viewing experiences from various strategic viewpoints within the ZTV were assessed. The viewpoint assessment was supported for the closer sites by photo montages and 3D landscape model outputs.

The final report of this analysis is an excellent planning tool to evaluate how the proposed additional Burgar Hill wind turbine would affect Orkney's visual environment.



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