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MarineSpace and Aquatera sign MoU

MarineSpace and Aquatera are delighted to enter a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on projects across a number of sectors.

The two companies have already worked successfully together on a number of projects including jointly managing the Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) Ocean Energy, delivery of a marine services supply chain study for Anglesey, and recently providing environmental support to a large marine dredging project in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The successful collaboration on these projects, recent extension of the ORJIP Ocean Energy contract by a further 12-month period, and ongoing work together on the Morlais Tidal Demonstration Zone, has prompted the two companies to explore further opportunities to work together and strengthen the relationship.

Aquatera’s established position as one of the world's leading marine energy consultancies, together with MarineSpace's established position as one of the UK’s leading consultancies in marine aggregates, and increasingly strong position in the Welsh marine energy sector, makes this an exciting collaboration and will enable the two companies to form project teams that will often be unrivalled in terms of expertise and experience.

Gareth Davies Aquatera MD further explained "as times in the renewables sector in the UK are getting tougher, yet the global opportunities are growing fast, the whole sector needs to consider how best it can work together.  For Aquatera and Marine Space it was clear that we had shared values, as well as complementary expertise and geographical coverage.  We believe that a strong collaboration will provide all of our existing and our new clients with the best service and increased overall capacity.  We have already delivered some excellent work as a team and have some pioneering prospects on the horizon."

Jonny Lewis, Director, MarineSpace Director, commented – "MarineSpace is extremely pleased to have signed this MoU with Aquatera who have an unrivalled track record in delivering support to a wide range of marine projects. With an increased focus on the marine energy sector in Wales, we are keen to ensure that the lessons learnt by Aquatera over the last 15 years on Scottish projects are applied by both companies on existing and future projects. We are also excited about expanding our joint services into other sectors, both within the UK and overseas"





Notes to the editor:        


1.                Over the 15 years of Aquatera's activities it has established a global reputation as one of the leading consultancies in the wave and tidal energy sectors.  Aquatera is one of the most experienced wave and tidal energy environmental contractors in the world with an international client base including leading marine technology developers, project developers, utilities, agencies and government.  Aquatera is based in Orkney at the heart of the emerging wave and tidal industry and our staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that the opportunities associated with wave and tidal energy development are fully exploited and that this development takes place to the highest standards of environmental stewardship.  Further information is available at



2.                MarineSpace Ltd is a marine planning and environmental consultancy which provides specialist advice and services to clients across a range of sectors. MarineSpace was formed in 2006, and currently has offices in Southampton, Peterborough and Pembrokeshire.  Further information is available at

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