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A Sustainability Strategy for Energy in Orkney

Orkney Islands Council, 2005

A Sustainability Strategy for Energy in Orkney

Orkney is a major player in the UK energy supply chain at present due to the presence of the Flotta Oil Terminal which handles about 10% of UK oil production. Orkney has also been home to some of the major advances that have taken place in renewable energy over the last 50 or so years and continues to be at the forefront of technological development in the modern renewables sector. Energy in a different form also underpins food production which is also an important part of the islands economy.

Energy is also critically important for the individual household in Orkney. Because of the harsh climate and the old housing stock Orkney uses a very high level of energy per head and fuel poverty levels are some of the highest in the UK. At a community level as well, energy is beginning to play an increasingly critical role, with community energy schemes seen as a way of combating the fuel poverty issues identified above as well as generating local energy and a new revenue stream that can be used for community benefits.

Managing these disparate energy relationships for the good of all is the key aim of Orkney's sustainable energy strategy. Aquatera was employed to undertake a scoping study for this strategy. The resultant scoping document is based upon an account of what is happening at present, results of an open space workshop held with about 50 energy stakeholders in Orkney and an analysis of issues that may form the priorities for a sustainable energy strategy.


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