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Marine Renewables EIA Guidance Procedures

European Marine Energy Centre, 2004

Marine Renewables EIA Guidance Procedures

When the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) test sites were established in Orkney there was a general understanding that the sites were, in principle, suitable for testing. It was also necessary, however, that individual devices were shown to be acceptable, by way of a device-specific environmental impact assessment (EIA). To this end, EMEC needed a set of guidance notes to explain to developers what information they needed to submit to EMEC and the format that this information should take.

Aquatera and Aurora Environmental (now Exodus Aurora) were jointly commissioned to undertake this work and the guidelines document produced is now available from EMEC.

Aquatera went on to apply this guidance to subsequent device-specific applications. The approach outlined in the guidance has been shown to work well overall and experience of using it in practice has led to a few additional features being developed by Aquatera that help to facilitate timely assessment and approval of device deployment plans.

The integrity of the approach laid out in this guidance is such that it can also provide a useful template for what needs to be done for marine developments anywhere in the world.


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