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Oregon Operational Conditions
Introduction to Oregon
Oregon is a major surf centre within the Pacific, it is no surprise therefore that the State is also a focus for potential wave energy developments. The relatively uniform nearshore sandy seabed is ideal for placing wave energy devices. There are however import existing uses made of the coastal seas especially for fishing but also shipping and recreation. A number of the worlds leading wave technology developers are pursuing project opportunities in Oregon. Grid infrastructure along the coast is relatively strong and although there are a number of ports along the coast, many have a limited draft for vessel access and the port entrances face the full fury of the Pacific ocean. In Oregon, Aquatera has forged strong links with Parametrix Inc. The two companies aim to work together on a number of strategic environmental projects.
Interactive Map of Selected Aquatera and Parametrix Projects in Oregon
Key to Map Pins

  = Strategic Planning

  = Public and Stakeholder Communications;

= Environmental Assessment and Surveying

  = Integrated Renewables Suport

  = Multiple project types at one lat/long coordinate (or for a single project: Unassigned project type)

  = Partner Organisation

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