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The Green Energy & Environment Research Laboratories (GEL) team at the Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Aquatera teamed up to develop a plan for a three year evaluation study into the development of a wave energy industry in Taiwan.

This involved selection and installation of a single wave energy converter (WEC) at a predetermined test site and planning for a wave energy farm off the north-east coast of Taiwan. The plan for the first year of the study was funded by the Taiwanese Bureau of Energy.

The GEL's Position is as advisors to the Taiwanese Government on energy policy energy and environmental technology. As such, the organisation is a high-grade partner of continuous industry development, both in Taiwan and worldwide. GEL's vision is for a sustainable planet, by promotion of human health and creation of industrial values through the use of innovative technologies and integrated applications, with the ultimate aim of becominga world leader in energy and environmental research.

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