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Fishernet - Shetland Fishing Heritage

The table below provides links to information about fishing heritage and maritime history organisations in Shetland (links open in a new window/tab).

Website Name and Synopsis

Shetland Museum - Fisheries

This museum features displays about Shetland's fishing heritage and maritime past, tracking the ever-changing industry, from sail to motor, from lines to nets, and from quadrant to radar.

Shetland Heritage - Maritime Heritage

Links to a PDF giving information about Shetland's maritime past. For thousands of years the sea has been the central fact of Shetland life - a source of food, employment, timber, fertiliser and, before the late 19th century, the main means of getting around the archipelago. Until the 1930s the sea was also the only way to travel to and from the outside world.

The Swan Trust

The Swan Trust was formed in 1990, and today is responsible for the operation and upkeep of the Swan. Launched in 1900, the Swan was one of the finest boats among the Scottish fishing fleet, and was the largest ever built at Lerwick.

Haaf Fishing

Information about Haaf fishing from the Hillswick Eshaness Area Regeneration & Development Association (HEARD).

Unst Boat Haven

The Unst Boat Haven's collection consists of original wooden boats of various types that have been in use over the past one hundred and forty years. Old tools, fishing gear, documents etc bring to live the era of fishing at the Far Haaf in open boats and the herring fishing at its peak in 1905.

Shetland Museum - Boat Shed

This museum is a renovated Boatshed, located to the left of the Museum and Archives, forming an integral part of the interpretation of Shetland’s important maritime heritage - providing a real living heritage feature.

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