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Fishernet - Orkney Fishing Heritage

The table below provides links to information about fishing heritage and maritime history organisations in Orkney (links open in a new window/tab).

Website Name and Synopsis

Stromness Museum

This museum features displays about Orkney's fishing heritage and maritime past, the exploits of Dr John Rae, Sir John Franklin and the Arctic Whalers. You can also find out about local connections with The Hudson Bay Company and the Canadian Fur Trade, and also view artefacts salvaged from the German Fleet which was scuttles in Scapa Flow in 1919.

Orkney Boat Museum

This project aims to save and allow interpretation of historic boats and the stories associated with them, together with other important sea-related narratives linked to Orkney's important maritime heritage.

Longhope Lifeboat Museum

Situated on the island of Hoy, this museum gives a detailed insight into the history of the Longhope Lifeboat, including the disaster the darkest day in its history, 17th march 1969, when the lifeboat 'T.G.B.' capsized and her entire crew of eight lost their lives while on service to the Liberian vessel, 'Irene'.

Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum

Situated on the island of Hoy, this museum is a converted pumphouse housing an important record of the role the Royal Navy played in Orkney during both World Wars. It features indoor interpretative displays, a large photographic collection as well as objects on display inside, where you can see one of the pumps in action. There is also an outdoor collection of military equipment, including a propeller and other artifacts from HMS Hampshire, mined off Orkney in 1916 with the loss of over 600 men, including Lord Kitchener.

HMS Royal Oak Naval Heritage Website

A naval heritage website dedicated to the 833 men who lost their lives when the HMS Royal Oak was sunk by torpedoes from German U boat U47 on 13th October 1939, just 6 weeks into the Second World War.

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